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Sacred Seasons

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Location of your current xp

where can I find my current xp?


  • 26 July 2011: added xp needed to gain a lvl.
  • 1 Augustus 2011: xp needed for 1lvl was off by a lvl. [fixed].
  • 4 Augustus 2011: added automated lvl suggestion based on experience.
  • 29 September 2011: added goal lvl, removed lvl input.
  • 6 May 2012: added XP/hour calculator

Sacred Seasons Classic - TNL-calculator

Current level

From to is xp.

To reach level , you need xp.

Wannabe level

To reach your goal (level 200),
you need xp.

Sacred Seasons Classic - XP-calculator


where can I find my current xp?